Pastoral Care & Wellbeing

At Nhill Lutheran School we value and promote pastoral care and wellbeing.  Jesus said in John 10:10 “I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness.”  Lutheran schools focus on the education and development of the whole child, helping students to develop their social, emotional and spiritual selves alongside striving for academic success.  We aim for students to experience “life in all its fullness”, knowing and being grateful for the blessings given to them from God, so they may lead flourishing lives.

Nhill Lutheran School encourages and teaches proactive practices that help our students to experience positive emotions, engage with others, develop strong relationships, and develop meaning and appreciation in their lives.  Helping students to manage the full range of emotions they experience will help them to develop resilience.  In recent years a number of social factors have impacted on the wellbeing and the mental health of young people.  The world is becoming increasingly complex and we need to be intentional about the ways we equip students for their lives, and help them build a “wellbeing toolkit” with strategies and language they can draw upon when life presents challenges.

Important to building student wellbeing is the partnership between school and home, and we value these positive relationships.

Wellbeing practices

A core component of building wellbeing is knowing that we are cherished children of God, and that God is always with us.  Through Christian Studies lessons, chapels and devotions, our students hear and learn about these wonderful messages.

The Bounce Back program is taught across all year levels as part of the Health curriculum, to develop social and personal capabilities and awareness.  Additional learning opportunities include protective practices, child safety, circle time, prayer, lunchtime clubs and cybersafety.

Importantly, at Nhill Lutheran School, students know they are part of a caring, Christian community.

School Pastor

The Pastor of the Nhill Lutheran Parish is involved in the life of the school. The role includes:

  • Encourage and contribute to the worship and devotional life of the school
  • Serve as a resource person for the theological development of staff
  • Ensure that the School as an agency for Christian education is effectively linked to the life and work of the Parish
  • Minister to the whole School community
  • Serve as spiritual counsellor to the Principal, staff and families as required

The school Pastor regularly leads Chapels on Friday mornings at 9am in the Multi-Purpose Room.