School Council

Nhill Lutheran School was established by the Nhill Lutheran Parish to offer quality education in a caring Christian environment.  The school has a governing council consisting of elected members, consultants, Parish Pastor, Business Manager and Principal.  The key role of the School Council is governance, ensuring the ongoing viability of the school, and maintaining the strategic direction of the school.


Nhill Lutheran School is a member of Lutheran Education Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania (LEVNT).  LEVNT supports schools in the region in delivering quality Christian education, and provides a range of support, advice, learning opportunities, training and professional development, mentoring, and more.  LEVNT is an agency of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA).


Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) is committed to the mission and ministry of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA).  It operates on behalf of the LCA in supporting regions and schools in delivering Christ-centred education.