Our Story

Nhill Lutheran School was established in 1977. On Wednesday 2nd February 1977, the school doors opened for the first time and it was blessed with an enrolment of 31 pupils: 10 boys and 21 girls. Later in the year two more pupils enrolled, making a total of 33 students in the first year. In 2020, we have an enrolment of 68 students.


The Lutheran Church is the largest world-wide Protestant denomination, with a history of association with education and a co-operative approach to working with families. In Australia there are over 85 Lutheran schools, staffed by qualified, caring teachers.

The Lutheran Church has been intimately connected with education in the Nhill district for over 100 years. The Winiam Lutheran School provided Christian education in the area from 1890 until 1907, while Zion Lutheran School at Ni Ni opened in 1903.

As early as 1963 there was renewed interest in a Lutheran School. Two members, Mr G.A. Glatz and Mr O.J. Pohlner, offered land to be used for a school.

On February 2nd, 1977, Nhill Lutheran School opened with an enrolment of 31 children. They were temporarily accommodated in the Gladigau Hall until the dedication of the initial school building on the present site on July 10th, 1977.

Enrolment steadily increased, resulting in two extensions being added in 1980 and 1985.  A third building, the multi-purpose hall, computer room and library, was officially opened in May 2011.  The school is creating a masterplan to ensure the facilities cater for the educational needs of our community into the future.