Get ’em Going Playgroup

IMG_6374Get ‘em Going is a Perceptual Motor Program offered at the Nhill Lutheran School, which is aimed at pre-schoolers. The program is available to all families and assists with the development of each individual child’s mental, emotional, social, and fine and gross motor skills. The program is unique as it’s designed to be adapted to individual’s needs and abilities. In 2015, Get ‘em Going Playgroup was a finalist in the Community Playgroup of the Year in the Regional and Rural section. With the Nhill community very diverse, Get ‘em Going incorporates Karen migrants, children with special needs and isolated families.

Get ‘em Going is a unique program that allows parents to understand how certain activities stimulate development and growth in their child. When participating in activities at Get ‘em Going children are asked to do activities with different hands/feet, different patterns or ways which assists children to make a connection with both sides of the brain. Parents can then use these tools and incorporate it in every day play at home. The PMP program is therefore not only a learning                                                                                                                            program for the children, but also gives parents the opportunity to utilise different                                                                                                              resources and recognise how their child learns. Parents also become more                                                                                                                            engaged in their child’s learning and notice changes on a weekly/daily basis.