Enrolments & Fees

Nhill Lutheran School offers an education program to all. No exceptions are made because of ethnic background, gender, religion or ability provided parents, or guardians, seeking enrolment for their child/children undertake to support willingly and freely the stated aims of the school.

All parents seeking enrolment for their child/children are asked to arrange an interview in order to formally complete enrolment procedure. Early enrolment assists a smooth transition for your child.

  • It is required that children enrolled in Prep (Foundation) must be at least five by the 30th April of their Prep year.
  • Parents are encouraged to make applications for enrolment of their children as early as possible.
  • Enrolment enquiries are always welcomed.
  • Parents must include an Immunisation Certificate and a Birth Certificate when enrolling their child.

Immunisation Certificates are available by the following:

Please visit http://www.health.vic.gov.au/immunisation/factsheets/starting-primary-school.htm for more information.


Nhill Lutheran School strives to provide a quality Christian education at an affordable cost to our families.

Funding for Nhill Lutheran School is derived from three main sources: Commonwealth Government, State Government and Tuition Fees.

Fees are kept to a minimum without sacrificing quality and to make education at Nhill Lutheran School accessible to anyone who desires it.  Students entering Foundation will have the first term’s tuition fee waived.

School Fees for each year are determined by School Council and are outlined prior to the end of the previous year.  At Nhill Lutheran School we understand that difficult financial circumstances can arise and we approach these matters with Christian love and understanding. Alternative arrangements for payment can be considered, and further discussed with the School Principal or Business Manager. The Principal or Business Manager may offer remission to families where known financial hardships exist. The school will offer remissions at various deduction rates to account for different financial positions of parents.

2024 Tuition Fees

1st child –        $1520 per annum

2nd child –      $1290 per annum

3rd child –       $1290 per annum

4th child –       no charge per year

The Tuition Fee covers:

  • tuition, text books and work books
  • provision of individual iPad and internet usage
  • school magazine (1 per family)
  • annual printing costs
  • stationery
  • student diary

Composite Fee

An annual composite fee of $260 is also paid.  This fee is designed to avoid the necessity to continually ask for small payments during the year to cover school programs.  The Composite Fee covers:

  • Term 1 Swimming Program
  • Excursions
  • Language programs
  • Visiting performers, incursions

Voluntary payments

A building fund contribution of $100 is fully tax-deductible. A library fund contribution of $50 is also fully tax-deductible.

The Tuition Fee and Composite Fee do not cover:

  • School Camps (for Years 3-6, although the School provides a subsidy to reduce the cost of camps for families)
  • School uniforms – these are purchased separately from the School
  • School photos
  • Private music tuition and instrument hire
  • Bus
  • Voluntary payments (eg – book club, fundraising)

Making Payments

Statements are issued at the start of each school term.

A discount of 1.75% is available on the annual tuition fees for the current year if the tuition fees are paid in full by the end of February.