School Community

At Nhill Lutheran School we know that students thrive when school-life and home-life are in partnership. Building a strong community is important to us and we encourage open communication and family involvement.


Prenzler, Damon

Mr. Damon Prenzler


Lindsay, Isabel

Miss Isabel Lindsay

Year 5/6 Teacher

Attiwill, Kelsie

Miss Kelsie Attiwill

Year 3/4 Teacher

Shelton, Isabelle

Miss Isabelle Shelton

Year 1/2 Teacher

Sealey, Gorgia

Miss Gorgia Sealey

Year F/1 Teacher

Alexander, Erin

Mrs. Erin Alexander

Specialist Teacher

Mason, Jessica

Mrs. Jessica Mason

Teacher Aide

Woodward, Michelle

Mrs. Michelle Woodward

Teacher Aide

Koning, Karen

Mrs. Karen Koning

Office administrator