Our friendly and qualified staff currently consists of the Principal, four full-time classroom teachers, one specialist teacher, three integration aides and our front office administrator.

Support staff members include a Karen language teacher, playgroup coordinator and Pastor.  Music teachers are available to provide tuition in guitar, piano and keyboard.

Prenzler, Damon

Mr. Damon Prenzler

Attiwill, Kelsie

Miss Kelsie Attiwill

Foundation Teacher

Holt, Marcus

Mr. Marcus Holt

Year 3/4 Teacher

Mason, Jessica

Mrs. Jessica Mason

Year 1/2 Teacher

Morrison, Georgina

Miss Georgina Morrison

Year 5/6 Teacher

Alexander, Erin

Mrs. Erin Alexander

Specialist Teacher

Cattanach, Jade

Mrs. Jade Cattanach

Teacher Aide / Office Administrator

Woodward, Michelle

Mrs. Michelle Woodward

Rutherford, Linda

Ms. Linda Rutherford

Teacher Aide

Higginson, Penni

Ms. Penni Higginson

Teacher Aide

Koning, Karen

Mrs. Karen Koning

Office Administrator