New Logo

new logo

It is exciting to officially launch our new school logo. School Council, after recommendation from LEVNT (Lutheran Education Victoria New South Wales and Tasmania), has been working on developing a new logo for our school for many months. After sourcing and considering many designs, the logo was endorsed by the Church Parish on Sunday. The logo includes a motto of ‘Together We Grow’ which encompasses our vision for students to grow academically, spiritually, physically and socially. It also implies that the School requires a healthy partnership between students, staff, families, parish and the community. The leaves on the logo represent growth and the three leaves symbolise the Triune God. The cross represents that Nhill Lutheran School is a school of the Gospel and the yellow centre reminds us of Jesus, who is the centre of everything. The new school logo has a contemporary and up-to-date feel. It also promotes the school name within an educational and faith based context as well as reflecting the values of our school.